Regent Taiwo Agbona of Aaye appreciates Mrs Akeredolu’s love, Chiefs and Ruling families

..congratulates new king as she announces end of her regency

The Regent of Aaye Community in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, Princess Taiwo Oyebola Agbona, has announced that her reign over the community ends .

Princess Taiwo who assumed the throne after the demise of his father in 2018, announced this on her Facebook page on Sunday.

“After my father( Oba J.B Agbona) passed on to Glory, I was asked to lead my community until a new king is selected.

I came on the throne as a Regent in 2018. At that beginning of the journey that has come to an end, I felt as if I have been saddled to carry the whole of the world on my fragile shoulder. The fact that it was a duty that I was never prepared for made it even more onerous. Nevertheless, it is needless to complain of cold when one is already in the river. On that promise, I braced up, took the challenge and made up my mind to put in my best.

In course of the Regentship, with the help of God Almighty, Aaye Town evidently witnessed a great deal of progress. The town that was hitherto relatively unknown now has its name on the global map. Benefits were brought to sons and daughters of the town, both towners and non-towners including non-indigenes living among us. Men, women and even children of the town at various times benefitted from state and Federal Government privileges under my headship.

The very firm foundation of this journey remains my quintessential mother( Olori A.A Agbona) who at all times stood firm with me, setting aside her own pursuits to see that I am whatever I am today. She labored day and night, prayed and spent her resources. Her commitment was total and unalloyed.

It is important at this point to mention the unquantifiable support of the entire council of chiefs of Aaye Town. They were in all ways supportive and understanding. I cannot imagine how the journey would have been without their backing and encouragement.

I want to appreciate the various organisations, corporate bodies and media houses who at a time or the other helped in projecting my works and town itself to the larger world. Some of these organisations even found me worthy of awards and special recognitions. I am grateful for the honour.

I also want to use this medium to appreciate Her Excellency , wife of the Governor of Ondo State (Chief Mrs Betty Akeredolu). I acknowledge the love and support you gave me during the course of this journey. You are one the charming garderners who made my flowers blossom.

No amount of words and appreciation can be enough to quantify the love and support I received from the members of my immediate family during my period on the throne. Big thanks to Agbona , Orimoro and Odopetu families of Aaye Kingdom.They stood by me solidly through thick and thin, the advice, encouragement and stimulations were the blocks and materials with which the entire success story was built with.

To everyone, political office holders, Royal fathers, Regents, Friends and Colleagues in various groups (Youths, landlords association and clergy men) who at one point or the other contributed to this journey, I am quite appreciative of your support.

It is therefore my prayer that this new dispensation usher in greater development for Aaye Town and all its dwellers. I pray also that may God Almighty sustain, lead and guide my path in my future endeavours.


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