COVID-19: Uncertainties surrounding the status of Officers at Yaba Police station

A report credited to the Nation Newspaper has revealed that three policemen attached to Yaba Police Division, Ondo town, Ondo State, have tested positive for COVID-19.

This report was a follow-up to an alarm raised by a young man, Oluwole, who took to the social media platform to seek government’s attention regarding the condition of her sister, a Police Officer attached to the station, who had been secretly treating herself with herbs.

Explaining the condition of her sister to JATS ONLINE NEWS, Oluwole who affirmed that the said Officer was his blood sister, said she confided in him that an officer in the station had earlier been tested positive for Coronavirus, and this had caused panic among them as most of them had contact with the fellow.

Oluwole, after long interrogation with JATS, assured that the probability that his sister and others already have the virus was high, saying some were showing symptoms but decided to be taking herbs instead of calling for help; reason he determined to blow the whistle in order to save his sister and also prevent the spread to family members, if she is a carrier.

As a result of his determination by giving 100% assurance that the information wasn’t a false alarm, JATS ONLINE went ahead to inform the State Police Public Relations Officer, Tee-Leo Ikoro, who got Oluwole’s contact and immediately called him for the details of his sister-officer.

To further prove that he was sure of the information at his disposal, Oluwole asked for the contact of the state COVID-19 Rapid Response Team which JATS provided him, and he called without wasting time and reported the situation. The team, however promised to swing into action this morning.

From the information provided other journalists in the state by JATS Online, some went extra mile to verify the aunthenticity of the information and came out with an information that three officers of Yaba Police station had contracted the virus.

According to The Nation report, although no confirmation statement from any COVID-19 authority yet, these policemen have been admitted at the state Infectious Disease Hospital, Akure, the state capital.

Ondo Police spokesman, ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro, however, confirmed that there was an officer infected with the disease at Yaba Police Division but was not a senior police officer.

He said,  “When I learnt about the matter yesterday, and we investigated it, we discovered that it was the Federal SARS officer in the division that they were referring to and he had been quarantined.”

Oluwole’s interaction with JATS ONLINE NEWS goes thus:

Treat as emergency pls i want it to circulate till it get to the governor’s notice…
Government should as a matter of urgency test all the police officers in Yaba police station in ondo townFew days ago it was gathered that one of the police officer in the station tested positive for Covid-19 and most of the police officers in the station had contact with the said DPO,since the incident occurred police officers in the stations refused to go for testing rather they were treating themselves with herbs in their respective homes believing that it will be cured,thereby spreading the pandemic to the members of the publicOne of the police officer in the station just called me now informed me about this ugly incident..Media and government officials should follow up the case pls I’m ready to provide the details of the officer if occasion calls for itAnd i will continue to share till it get to the appropriate quartersThe information was realThe officer even lamented that most of the people in their custody are even showing symptomsShe is a close relation its better for her to receive treatment and safe others than to keep it. The said police is my sister o And she has been using herb

JATS ONLINE NEWS: But when the officer was confirmed positive, didn’t the NCDC traced his contacts to the station?

JATS ONLINE NEWS: We are trying to avoid raising false alarm please

Oluwole: Its 100% real,  I’m ready to give all information needed The family members did not know. Neighborhood people don’t know. And she is using herb. Who knows what is happening to other officers too.
Meanwhile, Oluwole received positive feedback and commendations from the who is who in Ondo state, including the wife of the governor, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, who also informed the governor about the situation and provided Oluwole with feedback that His Excellency had taken a step immediately.

Below is one of the feedback he got from the authority:

We have just spoken with the surveillance officer, he mentioned that a total of 5 other officers were line listed to have had contact with the confirmed case (another police officer) from the said police station in Ondo West. These officers have been tested and were all negative. They are currently being followed up for the mandatory 14 days period before a second test is conducted. Also, the confirmed case is a Federal SARS officer, and he mentioned he doesn’t stay in the said Police Station. This was when he was asked about his contacts with other officers. As for the ones who were said to be taking herbs, they may be doing this out of panic because information gathered is that only 5 officers were in contact with the positive case, and have all tested negative. So for now, no cause for alarm as there is no other high risk contact from the said Police Station. However, if any officer there notices any symptoms ,he or she should call the emergency lines immediately.

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