Just In: ODSG releases White Paper on Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Chieftaincy matters

..lists out names of upgraded Traditional Rulers



On the 30th day of January, 2015, the then Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko CON, inaugurated Hon. Justice Ajama (rtd) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into deserving cases of Recognition, Adjustment, upgrading and elevation of Chieftaincy Stools in Ondo State. However, the previous administration of Dr Olusegun Mimiko could not implement the Commission’s report before the end of its tenure on 23rd of February, 2017.

Following several disputes and agitations emanating as a result of the Chieftaincy conflicts in the state, the State Executive Council under the able leadership of the Governor of the State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN at its meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2022 constituted a six-man committee to review the recommendations of the Justice C.E.T. Ajama Commission of Inquiry on Chieftaincy Matters in Ondo State and prepare the Government White Paper on the report. The Committee was led by the Deputy Governor, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa. Other members of the committee include, Chief Olugbenga Ale, (Chief of Staff), Sir Charles Titiloye, (Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice), Deaconess Lola Fagbemi, (Commissioner for Commerce Co-operative and Industry), Asiwaju Gboyega Adefarati, (Commissioner for Local Govt. & Chieftaincy Affairs as he then was) Mr. Segun Odusanya, (Permanent Secretary, Min. of Local Govt. & Chieftaincy Affairs, Secretary of the committee).

On the 24th of August, 2022, the State Executive Council received the report of the Committee and directed that its decisions on the recommendation should be published in Government WHITE PAPER.
Consequently, Government hereby RELEASES the White Paper on the Hon. Justice Ajama Commission of Inquiry on Chieftaincy Matters in Ondo State.

The White Paper is divided into Three (3) Parts namely

  1. PART I – Disputed Chieftaincy declarations in Ondo State. The Government White Paper under this Part covered 51 disputed chieftaincy stools in various communities making up the 18 Local Government of Ondo State. The content of this section of the White paper is voluminous and run into many pages. The public can get the full details from the just released WHITE PAPER.
  2. PART II – Recognition and creation of Minor Chieftaincies Under Part 1 Of Chiefs’ Law

The following chieftaincies stools have been created and recognized by
Government under Part 1 of the Chiefs’ Law.

  1. Eleegun of Eegun
  2. Asinigbo of Isinigbo
  3. Oniresi of Osi
  4. Olumafon of Imafon
  5. Olu of Alayere
  6. Olu of Eleyewo
  7. Olu of Ilu-Abo
  8. Olu of Abo-Asakin
  9. Obalogun of Igoba
  10. Ojogbariaka of Ilado
  11. Elekun of Ilekun
  12. Iralepo of Isinkan
  13. Osolo of Isolo
  14. Olujoka of Ijoka
  15. Ado of Adofure
  16. Olu of Ijigba
  17. Ogidi of Ogidigba
  18. Iginabou of Ajapa
  19. Amananawei of Upke
  20. Amananawei Of Biagbini
  21. Torhunanawei of Olomu-Torhu
  22. Amananawei of Agadagba-Obon
  23. Amananawei of Bolowou
  24. Apetokun of Ipoba
  25. Alajowa of Ajowa
  26. Elegbeda of Egbeda
  27. Onikoore of Onishere Ofosu
  28. Akorede of Abababubu
  29. Baale of Owode-Owena
  30. Aje of Ajebamidele
  31. Elejigbo of Ejigbo
  32. Olu of Owena-Ibutitan
  33. Olu of Ipote
  34. Orimadegun of Eyingun
  35. Olupote of Lota
  36. Olusama of Usama
  37. Akemo of Bamikemo
  38. Oloja Mobolorunduro Mile 49
  39. Petu of Osooro
  40. Odofin of Iju-Oke
  41. Afijalura of Ura-Odoli, Ilutitun
  42. Lurowa of Irowa, Lurowa
  43. Erekiti-Luwoye
  44. Oloja of Ugbe Ayeka
  45. Oloja of Oke-Yegengha
  46. Oloja of Odole
  47. Oloja of Ugboran
  48. Oloja of Araromi
  49. Oloja of Bolorunduro
  50. Kokunma of Ilale-Oko, Idashen Owo
  51. Olose of Ose-Owo
  52. Ajelu of Igbe
  53. Monehin of Obinehin
  54. Elereke of Ereke
  55. Araromi Seaside
  56. Osowa of Ugboroko
  57. Arapanata of Itebu-Kunmi
  58. Jinrinwo
  59. Yasere of Ilepete
  60. Gbogunron of Ugbo (Alagbon)
  61. Idigbengben
  62. Olurokun of Irokun
  63. Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission for the recognition of High Chiefs of Akure Kingdom, High Chiefs of Arogbo-ijaw Kingdom under Part 1 subject to the amendment of Chiefs law to create the class of Chiefs known as High Chiefs.

The above newly recognized Obas are on Grade C and instrument of office will soon be presented to them by the Governor.

  1. Part III – Upgrading And Elevation Of Existing Chieftaincy Stool
  2. Owa-Ale of Iyo-mefa, Ikare – A
  3. Ajana of Afa Oke-Agbe – – A
  4. Olukun of Ikun – – – B
  5. Gbiri of Epinmi – – – B
  6. Olupesi of Ipesi – – – B
  7. Olufira of Ifira – – – B
  8. Olugbe of Ugbe – – – B
  9. Olojoda of Oda – – – B
  10. Asarun of Isarun – – – B
  11. Adapogun of Ipogun – – B
  12. Ekiri of Ero – – – – B
  13. Olubule of Ibulesoro – – B
  14. Olura of Igbinsin Oloto – – B
  15. Obagberume of Igbodigo – – B
  16. Laragunsin of Iyansan – – B
  17. Olughogho of Iju-Osun – – B
  18. Olukaro of Ikaro – – – B
  19. Odibiado of Ijagba – – – B
  20. Olumoru of Imoru – – – A
  21. Onimeri of Imeri – – – B
  22. Alafo of Afo – – – – B
  23. Onidogun of Idogun – – B
  24. Gbaluwe of Igbootu – – B
  25. Niyon of Kiribo – – remain in C
  26. Olu of Igbobini – – – B
  27. Odogun of Igbekebo – – B
  28. Maporure of Agerige . – – A
  29. Olu of Igbokoda – – – B
  30. Ojomo of Ijebu-Owo. – – A
  31. Oloba of Uso – – – remain in C
  32. Elemure of Emure-Ile – – A
  33. Alale of Idasen – – – B
  34. Oniyere of Iyere – – – B
  35. Olupenmen of Ipenmen – – B
  36. Asuada of Isuada – – – B
  37. Awosunye of Atosin – – – B
  38. Aladeokun of Alade – – B
  39. Alara of Igunsin – – – B
  40. Asafunrin of Igbado – – – B
  41. Yangede of Epe – – – B
  42. Akogbe of Ajue – – – B
  43. Olore of Ore – – – – B


  1. Alale of Akungba – – – A
  2. Olusupare of Supare – remain in B
  3. Oloba of Oba-Akoko – remain in B
  4. Olupe of Ipe – – remain in B
  5. Okiti of Iju – – – – A
  6. Ogbolu of Itaogbolu – – – A
  7. Oloba of Oba-Ile – – – A
  8. Lumure of Ayeka – – remain in B
  9. Orungberuwa of Erinje – – A
  10. Lapoki-Halu of Ode-Aye – – A
  11. Ahaba of Ajagba – – – A
  12. Larogbo of Akotogbo – – A
  13. Odogbo of Omiland – – remain in B
  14. Olujare of Ijare – – – A
  15. Alara of Ilaramokin – – – A
  16. Olowa of Igbara-Oke. – – A
  17. Olute of Ute – – – – A
  18. Ojima of Okeluse – – remain in B
  19. Olupele of Ipele . – – – A
  20. Orunja of Odigbo – – – A
  21. Oluoke of Okeigbo – – – A
  22. Olikan of Etikan – – – A

Paramountcy of Traditional Rulers.
Government is in receipt of the recommendation of the Commission on Paramountcy of some Traditional rulers in the state. Government noted that paramountcy is not part of the Chiefs’ Law of Ondo State. Consequently, Government has directed the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice to set machinery in motion for the amendment of the Chiefs Law of Ondo State in order to accommodate this recommendation.

This Government met the Justice C. E. T. Ajama report unattended to on assumption of office. A committee of the State Executive Council was set up to review the report and make recommendations. The Committee didn’t present its report until in February 2022 when a new Committee was set up. The report of the Committee eventually made it possible for the Five years old Justice Ajama report to be considered and acted upon by the State Executive Council.

For full details of the approval of Government, Published Certified True Copy of the White Paper can be obtained from Ondo State Law Commission, Oda Road, Akure and the Library Department of Ondo State Ministry of Justice, Alagbaka, Akure as from Thursday 15th of September, 2022.

Government is hopeful that this exhaustive consideration and review of Chieftaincy Matters in the State will bring peace, unity and progress to our various communities. Government hereby assure the Public that the review of Chieftaincy matters will be a continuous exercise and requests or issues that have not been looked into in this White paper will be considered in the future.

God bless Ondo State of Nigeria.



Sir Charles Titiloye ksm.
Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Ondo State.

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