What you need to know about SGBV “Yellow Card” in Ondo State


The SGBV “Yellow Card” is a special card designed for secondary school girls which confers protection from the risks of sexual and gender-based violence both in and out of school environment.

The card holder typically develops a new perception and attitude of seeking help by using the card whenever she is abused or at risk of being abused.

The card is issued by the Ministry of Women Affairs/Ministry of Education/Office of the Wife of the Governor to confer state protection to all users.

Among other vital information, the card contains emergency toll free SGBV rapid response numbers which the user can call for help. It also serves as an SGBV high level awareness tool for secondary schools.

In consonance with the yellow card used in the game of football, the SGBV Yellow Card functions as a deterrent to all offenders who now stand the risk of being reported by girls and apprehended by relevant authorities.

A girl child is compelled to use her Yellow Card whenever she experiences any form of SGBV or faces the risks of SGBV such as attempted rape, rape, sexual harassment, physical violence, psychological violence, sex trafficking, harmful traditional practices and many more.

SGBV (Sexual Gender-Based Violence)

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