Missing Child@Sotitobire: Founder attempts suicide after second prosecution witness testifies against him

Founder of Sotitobire Miracle centre, Prophet Babatunde Alfa was alleged to have poisoned himself in an attempt to commit suicide at the Nigerian correctional center ,Olokuta ,Ondo state.

A source who preferred anonymity told ROVING REPORTERS that the the incident occurred on Thursday shortly after he was taken back to the correctional center from the Ondo state high court where his trial over the missing child inside his church is taking place .

It was gathered that the prophet swallowed “rat poison”  but after it was discovered, the prison officers rushed him to an undisclosed hospital for treatment.

 Our correspondent also gathered that prophet Alfa is now responding to treatment.

The source told our correspondent that it would be the second time the prophet would allegedly attempt to commit  suicide as he had once drunk disinfectant before being rescued.

The hearing of his case of alleged kidnapping of a 13-month-old boy in his church late last year continues at the state high court, with the second prosecution witness yesterday who was the mother of the missing child.

Giving her testimony before Justice Olusegun Odusola, the 24-year-old mother said her child was received to the children section of the church by the female defendants on the fateful day of November 10, 2019, and was registered as number 87 by the third defendant.

In a long hour of testimony led by the Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Mr. Kola Olawoye, the witness said that the Church founder (First defendant), was preaching when she got to the church, along with her husband and another relative, but weren’t allowed to enter according to the doctrine of the church which forbids entering during sermon period.

She informed the court that, prior to the day the boy disappeared, a man took his picture who she later discovered to be one of the church workers.

“On the day the incident happened, the same man asked of my baby and I told him he was at the children department. He even looked at my son where he was before we were allowed into church. He sat behind me in the church”.

She explained further:” When I went back to check on my son, I met him eating buns and asked who gave him but there was no coherent answer.

She added that the second time she went back to check on him, she wasn’t allowed to go out as the Prophet came near her instructing church members to get prepared for prayers, saying some powerful Angels would descend and that whoever opens his/her eyes would die before December and the prayer lasted for 30minutes, with all eyes closed.

She told the court that, throughout the period of the prayer, the Founder was beside her and she went quickly to the children department immediately the Prophet left her side, but couldn’t see her child again.

“I asked the third defendant, Margret Oyebola who signed in my son, she said I should be looking for him among other children. She later said maybe someone had carried him out to pacify him while crying.

“None of them helped me to look for the baby. After 15minutes, I called my husband that I couldn’t find Gold. He asked the third defendant and she replied that she didn’t know what happened claiming that the 14 of them who are children teachers all went out at the same time to empty dustbins.

“I raised alarm as I was crying, one of them Egunjobi Motunrayo appealed to me not to distract the congregation with my noise, claiming that someone had sometime came to pick a baby from the children department and wasn’t found until closing time”.

She said that her husband then asked Egunjobi if that was how children had been disappearing in the church, but Egunjobi replied that ‘children don’t get lost in the church, but they do die’.

To be continued…

Additional info: The Hope

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2 thoughts on “Missing Child@Sotitobire: Founder attempts suicide after second prosecution witness testifies against him

  1. He should better die because he knows what he did and they have already planned everything with his church members before carry out their plans, you see why l am still what l am saying, with this testimony you Know something is fishing, but how can somebody tell you that if you open your eyes why praying holy ghost will kill you and you agreed, me personally will push you out of way so that you die first, who tell you that when Jesus was praying and doing his own miracle did he close his eye or do you think you have more holy spirit than Jesus or holy angels than Jesus, oh no they are cheating those they know they can cheat where is that in Bible that angel did that, did some people study there Bible at all or just depends on what their Pastors said or what ever you called yourself it will not only end in death you will still face judgement, you and your called members, don’t worry the day of karma is coming, parents of this child don’t give up God is there he may be silent but he is speaking, l will continue praying for you people until justice is previal and also for the judge and lawer involved without any investigation you all know that pastor and his members are responsible for everything and if any of you try to hide the truth or give unfair judgement you have yourself to blame for carrying another man cross, so it is better you people don’t release them until they provide the child.

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  2. @Jessica, Thanks so Much, You’re one in million, very very special in your Comments. Its neither flesh nor blood, but the spirit of Most High God, that speak out of you.
    Gold Eninlaloluwa Kolawole is My Grand son.
    Plus or minus, no body does that, and go with it free, unless I’m like that, to anyone, upon the face of the earth.
    Alfa Sule Babatunde (Ifajembola), will never go free, without providing our son, Live, healthy, and the law of the land, Crush him and his evil workers, who Conspired to “Death” .
    Eniyan ni kanju, ko soun Tenikan Se, ti ko ni gbere re…
    As We are all in haste, so the Camistic law, is most in haste, to give us back, the Reciprocal of our Hand Work.
    Thank you All.

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