Why Faith Aluko left Church without notice- Parents

The parents of the 20 year old lady, Faith Aluko who was announced missing on Sunday evening during a church service in Akure the Ondo State capital, have explained the reason behind her sudden disappearance.

Speaking with JATS Online News today, her father said she left the church for Ibadan, the Oyo State capital to see her grandmother claiming that she missed the old woman.

Asked if Faith informed them about her decision to leave church service to Ibadan and whether she came to the church with her traveling luggage, the father said nothing of such.

According to him, the lady was without mobile phone and couldn’t contact them when she left the church having realized that the service didn’t close on time, and that the grandmother too doesn’t have a good phone to contact them that she is in Ibadan with her until yesterday’s morning when the report got to her and she brought Faith home herself.

Mr. Aluko, however, agreed that it wasn’t a normal disappearance while thanking God for her safety to Ibadan because no one could have known if anything happens to her on the road, attributing her return to prayers.

He informed that Faith has been scolded for her action.

Meanwhile, her mother explained to JATS Reporter that Faith came back from school, Mountain Top University, Lagos on Saturday evening and she was the one who prepared dinner for the family.

Asked if there was a quarrel that could caused her to behave in such manner, the mother said there was nothing of such but that she decided to go unnoticed thinking they won’t permit her.

The Regional Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Southwest 54 Oba-Ile, Pastor Olusola Emmanuel, said that the lady attended church service yesterday, hale and hearty and was also in today’s programme, while thanking concerned citizens for their prayers.

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