Day12@#BeMoreOndo2021! Girls trained on Cervical cancer’s prevention, vaccination

..write Computer-Based Test, as SSG nudges them to aim high

Today, being the 12th and last day of training at the 2021 BeMore Summer Bootcamp for Girls Naija, holding at Elizade University and Public Service Training Institute, both in Ilaramokin, Ifedore Local Government area of Ondo State, participants were subjected to one-hour Computer-Based Test (CBT), to test their knowledge of all they’ve learnt since the beginning of the Boot Camp.

The team of ASHDAM Solar and the Matrix Lab Technology, conducted the test, drawing 25 questions each from Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Solar Technology.

The test was conducted essentially to test their understanding of the various aspects taught during the two-week training, to make them fit into the digital world and be acquainted with CBT, the modern way of writing examinations. The ICT Facilitators also conducted oral post-training evaluation for the girls about computer system.

Today’s activities also included cancer awareness talk, handled by a Gynaecologist, Dr. Isiaka Lawal who enlightened the girls on common cancers that affect women (Breast and Cervical), risk factors, prevention and treatment.

Dr Lawal informed the girls that, though it’s very rare for their age group to be affected, the essence of the health talk was to make them advocates and to take precautionary measures as they age.

Speaking on the causes of cervical cancer which he described as Humanpapiloma Virus, the Gynaecologist called for the availability of its vaccine for girls while urging government to strive and get it and sell at subsidized amount for the masses.

Meanwhile, the Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Princess Catherine Oladunni Odu, who visited the girls in PSTI today, encouraged the girls to aim high and refuse to be limited by the Society.

She said: “You are going places, the sky is your beginning, you don’t have a limit. You are going higher and higher. You know you are so lucky to have a woman like our mama, Chief Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu; I have said at different fora that she’s a blessing for us in Ondo State. And this is a rare opportunity you are having to benefit from BeMore programme”.

According to her, the BeMore Empowered Initiative of Ondo State First Lady is an avenue to erase the archaic ideologies that relegate female gender in African society, saying “you can be bigger than what society wants from you because the Society wants us as women to be in the kitchen, to cook for our husbands and our children; but now, with Mama’s backing and initiative, that is not our place.

“We will cook for our husbands, we will cook for our children, but again we are going to be in that boardroom, we are going to be with men to take decisions of what affect Nigeria and our homes”.

Odu, who is the first female SSG in Ondo State, described Chief Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu as a cerebral and hardworking woman who prioritises the issue of a girl child, asserted that the two-week Summer Bootcamp provides the girls with a well-rounded education.

While assuring the girls that they can become captains of industries and decision makers in the political space and at the same time manage homes, she charged them to be hardworking, loyal to the system and make integrity their watchword.

“Women work three times harder than men before they can be noticed, because Society thinks that it’s only men that can do it, nobody reckons with you that you can do it, but you the girl child must prove that I can do it”. She added.

The closing ceremony for the fourth edition of the BeMore Empowered Initiative holds tomorrow at the Federal University of Technology, FUTA.

By Mary Agidi

Published by WonderLady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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