Muslim women charged on uprightness, as FOMWAN celebrates Maulud Nabiyi in Owo

As the Federation of Muslim Women Associations of Nigeria, FOMWAN, Owo chapter celebrates this year’s Maulud Nabiyi, Muslim women have been charged to be upright in practising the tenets of islamic religion.

The Chief Imam of Owo kingdom who is also the Secretary of the league of Imams and Alfas in Edo, Ondo and Ekiti states, Alhaji Ahmed Aladesawe gave the advice during the celebration of this year’s Maulud Nabiyi organised by the Owo local government chapter of FOMWAN held at the Central mosque in Owo recently.

Aladesawe, in an address, appreciated the formation of FOMWAN which he said has transformed the community, society, state and the country at large.

He said Muslim women should live within the tenets of the religion and involve God in everything they do as well as inculcating same to the children who are leaders of tomorrow.

The Guest lecturer at the occasion who is the Chief Imam of Tajul-Adab and the Khaleel Fawehimi’s mosque at the government house ground, Alhaji Sheikh Abdullah Yunus Anola, said the significance of celebrating Maulud Nabiyi is to celebrate the prophet Muhammed (SAW) and not his birth.

He said ” Allah made him a source of favour and mercy to the entire world, Allah said in Quran chapter 21 verse 108, that He has sent prophet Muhammed (SAW) as a messenger to the entire world i.e life of prophet Muhammad (SAW) is very significant to the entire world because his predecessors were sent to different nations and tribes but Muhammed was for the entire mankind.

He described the prophet as a substance every Muslim should attached to in order to have a successful faith and devotion to Allah.

Explaining further, Anola declared that the prophet came to kick against some abnormalities like worshipping of deities and idols and presenting a code of conduct through his messages sent to him by God.

“Allah says in Quran Chapter 31 verse 21, that He has sent him as a shinning mirror, a model everybody should emulate in his devotion, his life pattern, dressing , eating and so on, hence he is very significant and a substance in our religion life”

He said the best way to celebrate him is to do so everyday throughout ones vn. life, time and not selecting a day for his celebration because the status of the prophet is beyond that.
In her speech, the Chairperson of the occasion, a member of the board of adviser of FOMWAN who is the state Chairman of Humanitarian and community development committee, Alhaja Rafiat Momoh charged women to take care of their husbands inspite of his inadequacies.
She appealed to the Imams and the men to always support the women, just as she celebrated the recent appointment of Alhaja Abdul Salam as a national Dawah officer.
Earlier, in her welcome speech, the FOMWAN local government Amirah, Alhaja Munirat Akerele appealed for the support of all and sundry especially the fathers in Islam to support in the building of an event center on a four plots of land bought by the local government chapter of the association.

She said the local government shelved the idea of dancing round the community as part of celebration of the Maulud Nabiyi to lecture delivering to equip their members more and particularly as a result of the elderly among the members.

The newly appointed national Dawah officer, Alhaja Abdusalam appreciated participants at the occasion as she solicited for assistance for FOMWAN activities particularly towards the building of their cente

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