Day6@BeMoreOndo2021! Introduction to Adobe illustrator/Building of Solar Panel

The ongoing two weeks BeMore Summer Bootcamp for Girls Naija, holding at Elizade University and the Public Service Training Institute, both in Ilaramokin, Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, is gradually actualizing its main purpose of raising female technology leaders, as girls have started intensive training on Information Communication Technology and Solar energy system.

The bootcamp, initiated by the First Lady of Ondo State, Chief (Mrs) Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, today, clocked the sixth day, and participating girls were taken through application of Adobe illustrator in ICT class to make creative designs.

Prior to the application of Adobe illustrator, they completed Microsoft Excel training which they started yesterday, and used it to prepare monthly home budget and continuous assessment report under the tutelage of Watti Olorunjuwon-led Matrix Lab Technology.

The ASHDAM Solar team, led by Mrs Damilola Osaleye took them through the components of solar system and the basics of Solar Installation.

The girls, who were being trained in groups, were acquainted with solar installation instruments like Hard hat, safety insulated glove; taught function of inverter controller charger and how to connect it with Solar Panel. Thereafter, they proceeded to connection of Solar cells to make Panel.

Asaleye explained that ASHDAM decided to teach them two different solar system lessons for easy assimilation, while they would exchange lessons by Monday.

The Installation team successfully connected solar inverter with panel and produced electricity, while Solar cell group also succeeded in building panel.

Earlier in the day, they had continued with the general early morning fitness exercise cum Taekwondo self-defense training.

The climax of today camp’s activities was the rehearsal of graduation’s songs, auditioning and selection of choreographers by their Dance director, and Taekwondo training for those who would showcase the skill during the closing ceremony.

By Mary Agidi

Published by WonderLady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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