Day5@BeMoreOndo2021! Building of Solar Oven/Introduction to Art

Activities for day five of the ongoing BeMore Summer Bootcamp for Girls Naija, an Initiative of the First Lady of Ondo State, Chief Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, commenced with the usual early morning fitness exercise and dance training. Brave Ogidan and her team taught the girls Sasha dancing steps.

Upon resumption to classrooms at the Public Service Training Institute PSTI Ilaramokin in Ifedore Local Government area of Ondo State, the girls continued with the ICT training; the team of Matrix Lab Technology took them through Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel. With the use of Powerpoint application, they listed seven hobbies they cherish, mostly.

The girls, also operated on microsoft excel to share their Bootcamp experiences; taught how to use the application to design calendar and assessment sheets.

The girls learned how to work with the different slide types to create presentations and also to add designs, animation, and transition to their presentations.

Today’s activities also featured identification of those with sonorous voice who would serve as the 2021 set of BeMore Choir. Their Musical Instructor, Mr Sam subjected about 100 of them into voicing exercise, by asking them to sing songs of their choice through which he was able to select the best singers.

There was also a continuation of introduction to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs; the team of World Largest Lesson led by Mr Orenolu Idris Olumide and Mrs Ajobiewe Morayo; they were taught how the SDGs relate to the everyday activities and what they can do to help in achieving these goals in 2030. At the end of the session, each girl pledged towards achieving the SDGs.

There was a general introduction to Art; they were taught types, Elements, and Principles of Art. While their instructor informed them that those who indicated interest in Art class in their registration forms would now continue with the training.

Solar Oven

The girls left PSTI to Elizade University campus for continuation of Renewable energy training. Today’s class featured building of Solar Oven.

According to the ASHDAM team, this is a way of turning wastes into useful products; Solar Oven is made from Cartons, Styrofoam, and wrapping sheets.

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