National Assembly, a competitive place that needs best hands for enhanced performance-Adeogun

..says performing Lawmakers should be returned regardless of rotation among LGAs

..expresses optimism in Coastal Rail line to pass through Akure-Owo-Benin

The Lawmaker representing Akoko South East and West in the House of Representatives, Hon. Ade Adeogun has emphasised the need to send best hands to represent constituencies in the green chamber, and to give performing legislators more tenure elongation in the interest of the constituents.

According to him, the legislative chamber is a competitive place with 360 brains, noting that one of the reasons some legislators couldn’t deliver within two years in office was due to incompetence and failure tocatch up with legislative processes.

Hon Adeogun said this at the weekend during a media parley with members of the association of Ondo State Online Media Practitioners, in Akure the state capital.

The Lawmaker, who boasted of his performance within two years in office, however, condemned the idea of one term rotation between local governments that made up a constituency; he averred that such habit is a deterrence to quality performance and not in the interest of the people.

He said: ” Things are shared based on influence in the National Assembly, that’s why it’s in the interest of the people to keep representative longer in the national Assembly, especially those who are responsible enough and will give their constituents value for their votes, for as long as we have such people we should send them back. And I believe I have given value to my constituents’ votes.

“The longer you stay in the legislative chamber, the more you have influence and connection. Most legislators don’t know what to do or what is going on in their first two years in office but when people like that have opportunity to be reelected they would have been exposed enough to be able to network; so, we shortchanged ourselves by saying it’s a turn by turn.

” I deserve to go do it again, not for myself but for the constituency; because there’s lots to do and with additional term we will be able to deliver more”.

Adeogun disclosed that he normally add his personal resources to execute constituency’s projects, noting that the constituency allowance is not enough to construct a road but he had succeeded in constructing a road and a bridge, aside empowerment programmes.

He attributed his decision to commit his personal resources to execute constituency’s projects to his campaign promises of returning what he earn as a representative back to his people.

Speaking on his scholarship Programme to hundreds of his constituents, and how to get them employed, Hon Adeogun clarified that the first stage he had chosen is to look at giving the beneficiaries the opportunity to become qualified enough to seek jobs.

“My primary purpose for that institution is economic. Not just to help people get employed but the impact of the education on the two communities.

“The first level is to listen to them up from the level of not having skill, no having adequate education to the level at which they have an education that makes them employable”, he stated.

Reacting to the construction of Coastal Rail line which has been planned by the Federal ministry of transportation to pass through Ore-Benin, Adeogun expressed dissatisfaction with it, noting that Ore cuts off many towns of Ondo state, while affirming the readiness of Ondo Lawmakers with the support of the governor to divert it through Akure-Owo-Benin in order to bring more value to the state.

On security situation of the country, Hon Adeogun explained that the national Assembly had done their best to proffer solutions to the problem. He hinted that 50% of deliberations in the chambers were on insecurity which made them(Lawmakers), to conclude on presenting a report to the Executive on what they arrived at, as causes and solutions to the high level of criminality in the country.

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