ODHA Passes VAPP Bill into Law

The Ondo state House of Assembly Ad-hoc Committee on Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act Chaired by Hon Simeon Toluwani Borokini, Member Representing Akure South Constituency 1 has domesticated in the state, the Law to Eliminate Violence in Private and Public Life, Prohibit all Forms of Violence Against Persons and to Provide for Maximum and Effective Remedies for Victims and Punishment of offenders and other Related Matters.

The domestication of the law became very pertinent in the state amidst cases of rising physical abuses, molestations, sexual malpractices, cultural abnormalies amongst other crimes mitigating Against peaceful livelihood and building of a civil socitey.
The law also metes out punishment to anyone who incite or carry out any form of political violence in the state.

The committee chair, Hon Borokini alongside other committee members painstakingly took the bill through necessary scrutiny and processes and also compared notes with neighbouring states to ensure the law is encompassing and to ensure it captures every intended area.

With the passage of the Bill into law, it is certain no sexual offence,case of political violence or any other related crime will be swept under the carpet without proper legal processes and punishment where neccesary.

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