Residents narrate how Ondo Amotekun recovers corpse of kidnapped Pastor in their farm

“The Amotekun Corps came to carry his corpse this evening. I saw his lifeless body at the back of their van. The man was said to be a Pastor who was kidnapped from Ifira-Akoko road and was made to trek to ‘Igbokudu’ forest where we farm, Igbokudu’ is on the road from Idogun to Ipesi Akoko”.

The above was the narrative of a resident of Idogun Community who witnessed the recovery of a lifeless body of a man kidnapped by unknown gunmen whose body was later discovered by the men of Amotekun Corps who came to the community upon a tip-off.

According to the anonymous witness, the deceased, who report later identified as a 50year old Pastor, native of Ifira Akoko was kidnapped upon arriving the village to celebrate Easter with his family on March 31st.

Two residents of Idogun who informed JATS ONLINE NEWS about the sad incident, hinted that the late Pastor Fredrick Ojo Aramuwa was brought to the aforementioned forest where some residents of Idogun do farm and a farmer heard noise of agony around his farmland; he however moved closer to the direction of the noise and was able to see the kidnappers torturing the man.

“The farmer and his wife saw them face to face and the kidnappers started pursuing them in an attempt to also kidnap them.

“They almost caught his wife. The couple then went to report to the King who contacted the Amotekun Corps, but by the time they went back to the scene, they couldn’t find them there. They searched through the forest throughout the day but couldn’t locate them until today that the corpse of the man was discovered around the area”. He explained.

Further information revealed that the abductors contacted family members to demand a ransom of ten million naira at the initial stage but after negotiation, it was reduced two million naira.

It was learnt further that as the ransom was paid, it was the lifeless body of the pastor that was later recovered.

It could not be ascertained whether he tortured or strangled to death by the suspected kidnappers but the remains had been deposited at the morgue of Ipe Akoko General hospital.

According to our source, the late Pastor’s mother who was over 80 year-old had been living with him in Lagos over one year but his octogenarian father, Pa Aramuwa is the oldest man in Ifira community.

In his reaction the Asiwaju of Ifira Akoko, Chief Boboye Ojomo described the incident as very sorrowful and tragic when one considers the personality of the late Pastor in the town and the aged parents left behind.

Chief Boboye appealed to government to intensify efforts to rehabilitate the deplorable orita Ipele–Idoani–Ifira Akoko road that gives room for kidnappers to operate freely and security men should be deployed to the route.

Details from Amotekun to follow..

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