Bemore Girls Acquire Skills in Robotics, Adobe Illustrator, Scratch Programming, Others

..As Boot Camp Enters 10th Day

Participants in the ongoing 2022 Bemore Summer Boot Camp have acquired new skills in Information Commissioner Technology (ICT) by learning the use of robotics, Adobe illustrator and scratch programming.

The girls furthered their competence in the said areas on Tuesday during the ICT class as part of the curriculum for the 2-week intensive training in solar technology, ICT and other life-enhancing skills.

Makeover session

Being the 10th day of the boot camp, participants were also taken through Breast cancer awareness and advocacy class, coached on breast self examination (BSE), probable breast cancer symptoms, including the growth of lumps around the breast while using the amusing “sekem” dance to demonstrate the process of BSE.

Menstrual hygiene lecture also formed part of the day’s activities wherein the girls were taught how to make reusable sanitary pad in order to reduce the burden of buying expensive sanitary pads, which, many of the girls may not be able to afford.

Baking process

Meanwhile, Ashdam Solar Company, whose team coaches Bemore girls on solar technology, introduced the making of vision board to the girls, an endeavour which compels each girl to give a portrait of her future ambition. Having portrayed their ambitions on cardboards, the girls were instructed to keep, take home the boards to crystalize the goals and be delibrate about achieving them.

Vision board

The girls however continued with skills acquisition class as differently grouped into specific areas of apprenticeship as chosen by each person.

The skills practiced include Arts and craft, baking and confectioneries, make up, tying of head gear and wig making.

Story Credit: Debo Akinbami

Photos: Saidu AbdulRahman& Gbenga Fasakin

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