End of Year Party: CABATAF Pupils demonstrate Coding/Programming skill

..as Schl rewards outstanding Pupils

Roland Bayode

CABATAF Schools has called on parents and guardians to encourage their children/wards to embrace coding/programming for further improvement in their academic pursuit and life growth.

This call was made during the demonstration of proficiency in coding/programming by the pupils of the school, as part of the graduation/end of the session ceremony, held on Tuesday, 2nd of August, 2022 at St. David’s cathedral hall, Ijomu Akure, Ondo State.

Cyber Security Expert, Dr. Arome Gabriel, a researcher and lecturer at the Federal University of Technology Akure who at the event spoke on the topic, titled: ‘Demonstration of proficiency in coding and creative arts’, urged parents to ensure their children learn the act of coding so they can be one world solution provider citizens to Nigeria and globally.

Dr. Arome noted that coding/programming was very essential in this modern worlds, and therefore, said there was a vital need for the early birds to catch the worms.

He said, “Coding will help the students intellectually and make them think creatively on ways to solve a particular problem. Beyond that, it will also help them in academic performance. It will boost their academic performance, most especially for those doing science-related subjects like mathematics, physics, and others. It will help them in many ways and make them a better person in life.”

The core of all technology is coding and what this means according to him is that there is no technology without coding, and vice versa.

He noted that those who do coding are solution providers and that it is only the smartest guys that are doing coding presently.

He said Coding is not for average minds. They won’t think of it, but those who do it are making it great. I’ve spent 12-15 years engaging in research. So, this is what I have observed, not what I was told. I have seen young guys in the university who come in and through coding, they have transformed their own lives. So, it’s better if they learn now, it will help them a lot later in life.”

He added that Coding can transform not only the lives of children but everyone around us. He said, “Coding will improve the analytical skills of the children. No one codes that don’t understand mathematics, so it will help them in physics, mathematics, and other science-related subjects. It boosts their confidence because they provide solutions.”

Earlier, the Proprietor and Director of the school, Pastor Olayinka Ogunode, while welcoming all the parents, guests, and well wishers of the school to the occasion, expressed his exhilaration to the graduates, staff, and parents as well as to everyone who is supporting the school in one way or the other.

The prolific proprietor disclosed that doing the graduation ceremony and executing some other essential activities of the school this year had been a very different tale unlike how it used to be in previous sessions.

He however appreciated the parents, and described them as a supportive force helping the development of the students and that of the school generally.

The Head of School of Cabataf Nursery and primary school, Ijapo Akure branch; Mrs. Ese Funke Eniola, while speaking to the JATS Media, noted that she’s very delighted with the 2022 graduation ceremony.

She advised the graduates that they should always put in their best as they go to the next level. She said, “Beyond this moment, I wish the students greatness and I pray they excel wherever they get to after leaving here.”

The names of Students who received prizes as best students in each class are Ayodeji Wonderful, Omoniyi Damilola, Ijalade David, Ayodeji Peace, Ade Adewole Ewaoluwa, Adebiyi Moyosola, Olarewaju Nehemiah, Adebiyi, Fiyinfoluwa, Akinyemi Temitope, Olaniyi, Oluwadamilare, Oluwafemi Similoluwa, Akindiyo Temitayo, Omoniyi Oluwatobiloba, Adejoro Oluwasemilore, Oluwatoyin Omorere, Aladetoyinbo Aladetomiwa, and others.

Another category of students who were recognized as ‘Most Outstanding Students In Leaadership’ includes Makinwa Serah, David Queen, Oyero, Tiwatope Oluwalonimi, Fabilola Damilola, Ajanaku Beauty, Fajuyigbe Mof, Taiwo Enoch, Abayomi Marvelous, Isaac Henry, Adetunji Adefunke and others.

The most outstanding student in primary 5, who is also the best student in the common entrance examination, Adejoro Oluwasemilore received a special award from the management of the school.

The Principal described the excellent performance of the student as a sign of what the school represents, he disclosed that those who had gotten such awards in the past are now outside the country doing greatly from themselves.

Ayodele Fedrick, Faloye Oluwagbotemi, Ifedayo Eniola, Popoola Oladiran, Opawole Temiloluwa, Femi Ojamo Busayo, Adeojo Adesire, Adedayo, Oluwasemilore, and Adejoro Oluwalaanumi also bagged themselves award as top students in their classes.

The students of the school gave what can be described as emotional farewells to the graduates by creating an atmosphere full of creative drama, dance, cultural arts, and current affairs that left the audience standing in awe on their feet for a long.

Giving his farewell, the Principal appreciated Pastor Ogunode and his beloved wife, Mrs. Opeyemi Ogunode for being a driving force, and supportive partner. He also appreciated the parents and teachers for their enormous effort and continuous support for the school.

Cabataf Sucess Stories…

Students of Cabataf school have been on the top list of best student Common Entrance examination so far that even in 2020, a student of the school was announced as the best in Common Entrance, while three other students of the same school also performed well flagging the excellent traits of the school with their outstanding results.

The Pro-Grade Leadership and Management Institute, PILM also honored the CABATAF Schools, Akure Ondo State with an award of ‘BEST PRACTICES IN EDUCATION’, for improving teaching and learning processes in the school, through Activity school learning.

CABATAF SCHOOL is one of the best schools in Nigeria, and this they have attained with their massive contribution to learning, impacting, and flagged using high school students who have over time flagged off their school excellent flag within and outside Ondo State. They have demonstrated is by winning several awards for making and molding intellectuals in society.


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