Demonstrate competence, fairness and sincerity, Mrs Akeredolu charges 1st female NAOSS President

The First Lady of Ondo State, Chief (Mrs) Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, has sent warm congratulations to Miss Ogunga Mary who has just been elected as President of the National Association of Ondo State Students (NAOSS).

Ogunga made history as the first female to lead Ondo State students as President.

In her message, the wife of Governor commended the election, describing it as important motivation for women and girls of the sunshine state

She said, “The robust participation of women is essential to every society seeking to develop at a speedy pace. It is in this sense that I applaud this victory. This is a good motivation for our young girls who aspire to participate in politics and leadership positions.

Gender equality decision making, leadership positions, and women’s empowerment are fundamental ingredients for progress and genuine democracy. It facilitates women’s direct engagement in public affairs and decision-making; It also encourages the country to be accountable to a large part of its population”

Mrs Anyanwu-Akeredolu, who also extended her felicitation to other executives of the association, said women’s political participation and leadership engagement are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The First Lady appreciated the Akeredolu- led administration for being gender balanced in conducting the affairs of the state, saying, “Only recently, the state produced the first female SSG in Ondo State. The election of the first female NAOSS President is another show of government commitment to the political empowerment of women.This can only happen when you have a HE4SHE Governor.”

Wife of Governor encouraged the new president to demonstrate competence, fairness and sincerity said women are no less capable than men.

“Women are capable. There is a need to give women a chance to prove it. The chance has come for Mary Ogunga and I hope she will prove her worth beyond doubts. I send my warm congratulations and best wishes to the new set of NAOSS leaders.”

Oluwatobi Fademi
SSA, Media, WoG.

October 10, 2021.

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