SWS rejects the position of NASS on the Gender Bills

The Standup for Women’s Society, SWS has rejected the position of the National Assembly on the Gender Bills that deliberately did not support any women based actions.

In a Press Release signed by the Founder / National President, Barr. Deborah Ijadele-Adetona called for a
#BreakThePoliticalBias #BreakTheConstitutionBias
SWS was expressed her disappointment and grievance at the actions of the 9th National Assembly (NASS) on Tuesday March 1, 2022 when they denied women the opportunity of inclusion and representation in governance by voting against the gender bills. The NASS has spoken loud and clear that they do not want progress for society: for mothers, aunties, sisters, wives, and for daughters.

It is particularly sad that in a month globally dedicated to celebrating women worldwide, our NASS has chosen to deny women basic human rights. These are rights enjoyed by every Nigerian except women.

The proposed gender bills in the 5th Constitution Alteration Bills that were all rejected are Bills targeted at addressing the current gender imbalance across the legislative arm of governments across the country whilst reducing the under-representation of women in political office, despite knowing that women has the highest population, votes and participations in politics.

The men of the 9th NASS have reinforced the discrimination and political bias against women as enshrined in the 1999 constitution by:
Denying citizenship to a foreign-born husband of a Nigerian woman.

(While it allows Nigerian men’s foreign-born wives to be awarded automatic citizenship).

Denying Nigerian women indigeneity through marriage.

Denying 35% appointed positions for women and settling for 20%.
Denying women affirmative action in party administration and leadership.

Denying specific seats for women in the National Assembly.
The men of the 9th NASS by their actions have taken Nigerian women backwards by 30 years.

Barrister Ijadele-Adetona noted that The actions of the Lawmakers undermine the importance and relevance of women’s contribution to the governance of Nigeria. Vice a vise the key role women play to bring victory to political parties in elections at all levels across the country. From support, to canvassing votes and actual turn out to vote during the elections.

SWS, demands that all gender Bills be reconsidered. Ultimately, our demands will benefit not just women but Nigerians as a whole. Arguing that more women in governance will bring about progress, and desired respect for Nigeria in the comity of nations.

The SWS President noted that we cannot, in 2022, be negotiating the Rights of Women and the sanctity of the dignity of girls. We therefore, call on the National Assembly to re-visit these Bills as a matter of urgency and ensure that they are passed as soon as possible.

Barrister Ijadele-Adetona went ahead to call on the Women to learn from what happened and lobby the men early enough. She noted that lack of early lobbying cost the Women the ascent by the Legislators.

She commended the Legislators for item 7 A bill for an Act to alter the provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 to require the President and Governors to submit names of nominated Ministers and Commissioners within 30 days of taking oath of Office for confirmation. By the Senate or State House of Assembly, provide reserved quota for Women and related Matters. Was passed with 289 voting Ages.

Barr. Deborah Ijadele-Adetona
National President/Founder

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