Ondo Central: GreatSheyi Akintunde emerged as AA Party flag bearer

..my victory ‘ll bring economic boom to Ondo State- GreatSheyi

By Roland Bayode

Mr. Akintunde Greatsheyi, has emerged as the Ondo Central senatorial district candidate of the Action Alliance party, for the 2023 General elections.

The decision was announced on Tuesday evening following the party’s unanimous decision and consensus reached.

The party, having presented Greatsheyi as the central senatorial district candidate, described him as the right candidate that best fit for the seat of the Senate.

Some party members and stakeholders of the party have, however, expressed their notions on the outcome of the election.

The State Party Secretary, Honorable Segun Adara in his statement said Akintunde Greatsheyi is the chosen one both by the party and by the people for the 2023 Central Senatorial District.

“Our delegates were on the ground for the election, and the decision was unanimously made by all in a credible electoral process without any form of objection or manipulation”, he said.

He revealed that other ruling parties had long disappointed the people and now he and supporters of the Action Alliance party had the belief that Greatsheyi Akindtunde is the man that can change this narrative.

“Our party’s mission is to lift leaders to raise and help people from the grassroots level. This is what we stand for, this is what our party represents and we believe with utmost faith that Akintunde Greatseyi will deliver what is expected to our people”

The Party’s state Woman leader , Mrs. Aiku M.A said the whole party is happy with the decision of having Akintunde Greatseyi as the chosen candidate.

“We have aspirants who earlier came up to compete with him but all of them dropped to give their support to him because of the great leadership, values, and skills he posed as a leading frontrunner.”

One of the party’s members, Falowo Daniel described the election as a free and fair election.

“Everyone voted for him because he has served us, he’s serving us now and we can testify that he’s doing a great job, so if eventually he is elected as the senator, there is a higher chance that he will do better than what he has been doing.”

While the flag bearer, Akintunde expressed his gratitude to the party for trusting him and his ambition. He noted that his success when elected is going to bring an economic boom to Ondo State.

“I have served in several capacities, and I’ve been able to bring forth worthwhile things. I have worked at the world bank, Federal and State Governments where I bring dividends that expand the capacities of our people in Ondo State. Now that this is going to be limited to 6 local governments, you can be sure that there is going to be more to it.” He said.

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