Alhaji Batuta remained Mufasir of Ikare- Olukare

The Olukare of Ikare, Oba (Alhaji) Akadiri Saliu Momoh IV J.P has declared that Alhaji Shehu Batuta remains the Mufasir of Ikare, saying his purported removal cannot hold and should be disregarded.

Oba (Alhaji) Momoh who is also the Vice President General of Islamic Affairs made the declaration in a letter addressed to the Chairman, leaque of Imams and Alfas, Ondo state on 8th May, 2023 made available to the media.

The letter titled Re: Removal of Alhaji Sheik, Surajudeen Batuta, the Mufasir of Ikare; The position of Olukare of Ikare and the Ikare Muslim Council stated that “Any purported removal of Alhaji Shehu Batuta as the Mufasir of Ikare cannot hold, kindly disregard the letter dated 24th April by the so called Ikare Muslim community or council of Ratibi Imams.”

The Olukare who signed the letter stated that the authority to appoint, discipline and dismissal of any Islamic title holder in Ikare lies with his office as the Olukare of Ikare Kingdom.

He described the Imam Ratibis or signatories to the letter written by unknown Ikare Muslim Community as not statutory members of Ikare Muslim Council and do not possess the power to remove Alhaji Shehu Batuta as the Mufasir of Ikare.

According to the Olukare, the Ikare Muslim Community are not known as far as Islam is concerned in Ikare, noting that what exist is Ikare Muslim Council.

The letter, he further explained emanated from the former Chief Imam of Ikare, Alhaji Sheik Abass Mohammed, where all the signatories were those he said are used to foment crisis among the Ikare Muslim family.

He accused the former Imam of guilty of all the allegations raised against Batuta in the purported letter.

The Olukare, who reeled out some misdemeanour, acts of insubordination and desecration against his office observed that Imam Abbas assembled the Ratibi Imams to support him seize the control of Islam from Olukare of Ikare and refused to continue cooperating with the council of Ratibi Imams which metamorphosed to Ikare Muslim Community and found some allegations against him threatened to remove him from office where the Owalukare rose to his defence.

Similarly, in a public announcement released from the office of the Grand Mufti of Ondo state, Alhaji, Dr. Shehu Sirajudeen Batuta on 10th May 2023, urged the general public to discountenance the news about his removal as Mufasir of Ikare.

” The news came from a section of Ratibi Imams that are currently having issues with Ikare Muslim Family”

” It is my belief that when there are issues and differences, we should be able to resolve the issues amicably,” it stated.

Batuta reiterated not having personal grudge with the Olukare and the entire Muslim congregation who appointed him as the Mufasir of Ikare.

” My position is to help those presently at logger heads with the Muslim family resolve and settle their differences amicably,” he stated.

He however implored all concerned to embrace peace, urging everyone to shun any act of violence that can distrupf peace in Ikare land and to cooperate with government to benefit from its developmental efforts in Ikare and the state in general.

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