Reciprocity, a germane ingredient for successful modern day marriage – Ondo First Lady

Reciprocity in marriage has been identified as a germane ingredient in the success of modern day marriage.

First Lady of Ondo State, Chief Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, said this while admonishing congregants at the Solemnization of holy matrimony between Deborah Utulu and Austine Otabor, held at the New Heaven Gospel Church Inc., Benin City, the Edo State capital, on Saturday.

According to her, for couples to get along well in their marital relationships, there must be a room for reciprocating attitude, and enslavement should not be tolerated.

“I believe in marriage, I believe in the institution but I also believe in reciprocity of who you are. I don’t believe in enslavement. Daughters should not be enslaved in marriage, you must appreciate her, give her space, if she wants to go and do PhD, let her go, it will make her happy”. She asserts.

Addressing the groom, Austine, who is the Coordinator of Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu, (BAAF), the Ondo First Lady cited her marriage as an example, saying they were able to come this far due to communication and understanding, even though they belonged to the same category of personality that could be referred to as ‘aluta’.

Mrs. Akeredolu signing the marriage register

She said: “When a man gives his wife space to be herself and allows her to grow in any ramifications she so desires, you will have peace at home. In any marriage, there’s bound to be a misunderstanding but the beauty of it all is that when you’re able to communicate with each other, you should be able to iron out your differences”.

She affirmed that the groom, having served under her tutelage, without doubt, would treat his wife well, being a member of He4She men which the Governor belongs .

Congratulating the newlyweds, Mrs. Akeredolu, wished them a wonderful and successful marital journey and prayed for fruit of the womb.

Mary Agidi
Special Assistant to the Governor on Media
(Office of the First Lady)
Dec., 17, 2022

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