ODSG replies Ogun State Govt over land boundary


The press statement issued by Ogun State Government, based on the recent white paper issued by Ondo state, recognizing the traditional institutions of IROKUN , OBINEHIN, IDIGBENGBEN and ARAROMI seaside has been brought to the attention of the Ondo State Government. The Government has decided to respond as follows in order to set the records straight.

  1. Irokun, Obinehin, Idigbengben and Araromi seaside are communities within Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo state. These communities have a long history of traditional institutions within the state.
  2. These communities are not in dispute between Ondo state and Ogun State as the people living therein are indigenes of Ondo state. In addition, the landmass occupied by these communities falls within the territory of Ondo state of Nigeria.
  3. The claim that these communities are in dispute before the National Boundary commission is untrue, as the communities are within Ilaje Local Government of Ondo state. Federal institutions like Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) regularly conducts elections in these communities and votes cast are recorded for Ilaje Local Government of Ondo state.
  4. The recognized traditional institutions in these communities are integral parts of traditional institutions in, and of Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo state and the traditional rulers are indigenes of Ondo State.
  5. Ondo state Government in the recent White paper issued on Hon. Justice Ajama Commission, avoided consideration of request for recognition of traditional institutions from communities where there are land disputes and communal conflicting claims, pending the resolution of such disputes.
  6. It should be noted that the traditional institutions of these communities, submitted memoranda and appeared publicly before Ondo state Hon. Justice C.E.T Ajama commission of Enquiry on Chieftaincy matters, set up by Ondo State as far back as 2015 without any opposition from any quarter, including the Government of Ogun State. It is surprising that the Government of Ogun state is trying to claim ownership, after Ondo state Government has accepted the recommendation of the said Commission.

While the Government of Ondo state is not averse to discussions on this matter as requested, we however urge our brothers in Ogun State to check their records properly on issues raised in their Press statement.

It is on record that the communities in question have been in a festive mood since the announcement by Ondo state Government to recognize their traditional institutions. There is no threat to peace in these communities. We urge our people to continue to live harmoniously amongst themselves for the development of our dear sunshine state.

Bamidele Ademola-Olateju
Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Ondo state.
22nd September, 2022.

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