Ondo Magt Courses: First batch set for examinations

By Roland Bayode

Participants of batch A, Ondo State Executive Management Courses that were inducted through the State Public Service Training Institute(PSTI) will commence their examination this coming Tuesday, 13th, September 2022.

With examination on the corner, the participants as usual filled their venues receiving lectures and preparing themselves ahead for the assessment to come.

Speaking with JATS at the center, the students described the program as an eye-opener course for them, which they said will help them in their vocations, enable them to grow intellectually, and also make them five-star professionals in their various provincial institutions.

One of the participants, Mrs. Ibitoye Mopelola said the program has indeed added to the value of their profession, also acknowledging the organizers of the program for a job well done.

“We have gained a lot, things that are hidden from me are being exposed through the PSTI program, so it’s a good program,” she said.

On the examination, Mrs. Ibitoye noted that students are meant to prepare for examinations, stating that they are really preparing for it.

“Like the area of our fee, they told us to pay twice but we negotiated that we want to pay thrice and they accepted, so we appreciate them and we are ready for the exam. No panic!” She added.

Akinwunmi Rotimi in his reaction revealed that students who enrolled in the program have gained a lot in terms of knowledge and pragmatic approach to their teaching profession.

He said, “The courses have exposed and reminded us of some of those things we have learned and forgotten. I must also commend that the trainers/teachers have been superb.

“When you come here around 6:30-7 AM, you would have seen some people who are already waiting for the program that is stated for 8:30, this shows their commitment toward the program. You can come around and see the turnout because everywhere is always full.”

Akinwunmi, while speaking on their forthcoming examination added that “after intensive training like this, it is expected that we are tested and so, therefore, we are fully prepared for the exam and that’s why we are here today again to take a revision of our courses.”

Mrs. Femi Olukoju said the course has enabled them to become better school managers.

“The course has been great, it’s an eye opener for us and we believe that the application will make us good educators, and most importantly that we will be able to direct better and work better as senior officers in our various schools. We appreciate the government for setting up the program, for waking up our senses to become better teachers in our various fields.”

On their forthcoming examination, she added that even though they are senior citizens already, they are still preparing and hoping for the best. “As elders, we read at night, and we pray we will make it,” she noted.

The Akure Center 1 coordinator, Olasehinde Matthew, described the training as a successful one adding that the upcoming examination is in proper working order. “We have about 400 students at this Center, and students have been complying because they understand the essence of the program.” He noted.

The Permanent Secretary/Director-General of the Public Service Training Institute, (PSTI) Prophet Ekpobomini Baptist Jide in his reaction noted that the program was commenced with a strong assurance that the program will be at the utmost convenience and will be affordable, accessible to meet the yearnings of all stakeholders, participants faculty members, facilitators, and coordinators.

“We have made very impressive progress since the start of the program which was flagged off by the immediate Head of Service of Ondo State, Pastor Adeniran John Adeyemo along with other top Government officials.

“The project has been an impactful one, and it is very much affordable compared to what some institutions charge them. We have seen some students who had to abandon the projects they were doing in other institutions just to enroll in this course.

“One of what we did to ease the participants is that we took this program to where people reside so that they don’t have to travel far distances before accessing it.”

Speaking on the examination timetable, the Director General revealed that there was a wide consultation with all groups before the timetable was fixed.

He said, “The first-semester examination will commence next week and the exam timetable is prepared with utmost consideration with all stakeholders. We also took into consideration the Muslim brethren so they will be able to observe their religious commitments. On Friday, there will be a break for those who want to observe the Jummat Service and they will resume back from 3:30 – 5: 30 PM.

“The program is stress-free, convenient, and has little or no cost to the participants. The facilitators and participants equally applauded the program, ranking it as one of the very best in the country and that’s probably why we have this large enrollment”.

He further appealed to those who are seeking to join the current batch to wait patiently until the sale for the next batch is out.

“We have people who have been calling us to be part of this program and for that, we will be rolling out applications for the next batch which will start in 2023.

“We are working in the best interest of the stakeholders to ensure that this program meets their expectations. So, Our people should be rest assured that when the sale of the form is out, we will come on air to announce it to them, ” he added.

About The PSTI Management Courses.

The PSTI is a 6 months intensive program that comprises Executive Management Course for Education Managers (for Education Officers & Teachers); and Executive Management Course in Public Sector Management.

The program is aimed to improve the standards of public educators as well as civil servants in Ondo state and beyond by helping them with the fundamental and required proficiency that will make them implement the practice and operations of their job diligently and efficiently to further strengthen their workforce performance and also make them competent in knowledge acquisition and application of their works both theoretical and practical teachings by giving good delivery.

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