Moment 20yrs old BeMore girl Powered OSAA-GBV Office with Solar System’s a great achievement of BeMORE Empowered Foundation- Executive Secretary

Christiana Madu, a 20 year old graduate of the BeMore Empowered Foundation of the wife of Ondo State Governor, Chief Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, on Saturday, passionately installed solar inverter and its panels to power the office of the Agency Against Gender-Based Violence in Oke-Eda Akure, the State Capital.

Christiana Madu, a Computer Engineering undergraduate of Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, participated in the two weeks BeMore Summer Bootcamp 4girlsnaija in 2018 where she acquired solar system knowledge.

Solar Technology knowledge is one of the key objectives of the BeMore Empowered Initiative, aimed at brigding gender gap in Science Technology and Mathematics.

Expressing her excitement about the lifelong knowledge she acquired from the BeMore Summer Bootcamp, Madu said: “I felt great. There is always joy within me anytime I find myself installing panels, because it is what I love doing. It was quite stressful but the end result is very much encouraging.

“The Bemore empowered foundation is the root to my growing career. The knowledge I acquired from BeMore had helped me in numerous ways and I will forever be grateful for such an opportunity to be part of the Bemore family”.

Commending the BeMore girl for being a good ambassador of the First Lady’s initiative, the Executive Secretary of the Agency who witnessed the installation processes, Bar(Mrs) Joy Ogundadegbe, affirmed that Madu had, indeed, demonstrated the purpose of the BeMore programme which is to bridge the gender gap in technology field.

According to her, installation and fixing of home appliances, especially those that required climbing the roof, were assumed to be a man’s job, but such impression had been corrected by the BeMore Empowered Initiative.

She said: “For me, it was a great surprise seeing such a young lady doing that great work. When I saw her climbing the roof, mounting the solar panels and arranging all the equipment and all the needed things to be put in place with great dexterity, I was taken aback; it was really awesome and I commend her for doing this great work.

” This is a kind of job that people used to think is for men alone , but now seeing a young girl doing it is amazing”.

She used the medium to commend the Founder for her commitment towards empowering the girl child in Ondo state, including the womenfolk through various initiatives.

“This is something that will last for many years, what she’s planting in the lives of these girls is an investment that would be forever and will yield turnovers, I pray that the Lord will bless her, and all the good works she has done in this state will continue to speak for her now and in the future”, she added.

The OSAA-GBV Secretary, noted that the two weeks Summer Bootcamp was a place to be desired by every girl, as she appealed to well-meaning parents, individuals and organisations to afford girls in their surroundings, an opportunity to taste theprogramme, and take girls out of the street during holiday.

“No girl should be deprived of education or training, girls should be given equal opportunities like boys, so, I’m imploring all parents to take a sample from what Christiana did today and use the same opportunity to send their girls to BeMore school so that they too can learn”, says Ogundadegbe.

Story Credit:Mary Agidi

📸 Saidu Abdulrahman

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