Nigerians react as CBN Governor’s branded vehicles for 2023 presidency surface 

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele is seriously preparing for the 2023 presidency even though he has not officially made his intention known.

Branded vehicles of the CBN governor have hit social media with a bang, setting tongues wagging.

From his body language, Emefiele is seriously interested in replacing President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

He has been sponsoring some pressure groups to drum support for his ambition, even while still holding on as CBN governor.

Some of the groups have been calling on him to make his intention known to Nigerians, but he has not, rather, he is working underground.

The branded vehicles are everywhere on Twitter.

Angry Nigerians are accusing him of using Nigeria’s money to campaign for his presidential aspiration.

A Twitter user, Al Ameen reacted: “The worst CBN Governor in the history of Nigeria wants to contest for President. Same person that killed Naira, help in destroying our economy and stopped direct banks transfer to crypto wallets. I don’t think there is any reasonable Nigerian that will vote for Godwin Emefiele.”

According to Ustadh Jake, “It’s actually insane that a CBN Governor is planning to run under a political party and he’s still a CBN Governor This is ridiculous, we have an institutional problem in this country.”

As for Udoh, “This is a CBN Governor engaging in big time politics! This is indeed unbelievable!#Emefiele must resign now#”
Ikenga of Africa wrote: “Why isn’t Emefiele distancing himself from this? Is it normal for his posters and branded campaign cars to be flying around as a sitting CBN governor?”

Lloyd Manasseh E. Agbonlahor added: “Soludo’s time as CBN Governor, he did exceptionally well far beyond what Emefiele has and will do. I just wonder what Emefiele thinks he has done as CBN Governor to deserve to be Nigeria’s President.”

Galileo said: “Godwin Emefiele should resign as the governor of the CBN. This desecration of the constitution should STOP. Since he has decided to be partisan, he has lost the moral TENACITY to still be presiding as the CBN governor.

Enough of this nonsense. Enough!”
According to Qudus, “This shouldn’t be coming from our CBN Governor even if he is being sponsored. Godwin Emefiele should resign or tell people involved in this to stop till he resign. With this, we can say Nigeria volt is not in safe hands.”


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