Communique reached at the 2nd BRECAN Annual General meeting

Communique reached at the 2nd BRECAN Annual General
Meeting Held at the Igolo Abiam Centre, Owerri, Imo state From
25th to 26th March, 2022

Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) Founded by Chief Betty
Anyanwu Akeredolu is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making
organization championing the campaign for breast health awareness and
galvanizing action against breast and cervical cancers in Nigeria.

The 2nd Annual
General Meeting of BRECAN was hosted by Imo state Chapter under the leadership
of Mrs Maureen Iwuchukwu, the state chairperson.

Representatives from all
BRECAN chapters attended the meeting, these are: – Oyo, Ondo, Lagos, Bayelsa
and the host chapter, Imo state. A member from Enugu state also attended. The
AGM comprised an opening ceremony, presentations, the general meeting proper,
and a dinner (an evening with the Founder). The AGM was hugely successful and
highly impacting.

Five presentations were made:

  1. BRECAN: Reflecting on the Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives as we turn 25.
  2. Exploring and Maximising Information Technology in Public Health Campaigns.
  3. Basic Principles of Programmes Reporting and Data Collection.
  4. Best Practices in Accounting for NGOs.
  5. Lifestyle Medicine as an Effective Tool for the Prevention and Control of
    non-communicable Diseases.
    The topics, carefully chosen to address the present realities of the organization,
    inspired most of the resolutions made.
    The following resolutions were reached at the end of the meeting:
  6. Members resolved to renew their commitment to the vision, mission and
    objectives of BRECAN.
  7. Collaboration, sharing of ideas and innovations were encouraged between
    chapters. Synergy between chapters was identified as a key component that will
    help move the organization forward.
  8. It was agreed that BRECAN should imbibe a comprehensive documentation
    approach in capturing her activities and should leverage on social media platforms

to project these activities to the world. We also agreed that it was necessary to
develop a modern website that will be interactive, incorporate machine learning
and artificial intelligenceChapters were charged to always be up to date in their record keeping,
especially with financial records, with the understanding that BRECAN places a high
premium on prudence, accountability and transparency.

Members were encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles and that our awareness
campaigns in BRECAN must include this aspect.

Funding was identified as a huge challenge facing BRECAN. Chapters were
therefore charged to devise innovative crowd-funding mechanisms to raise money
for their various activities. Social functions were identified as platforms for
awareness creation and fund-raising.

It was agreed that only committed members should be allowed to be on
BRECAN platforms. Commitment involves payment of annual membership
subscription and participating in chapter’s activities. Individuals who are not active
should with immediate effect be removed from the platforms. It is either you are in
or you are out.

The Amended Constitution of BRECAN was presented and adopted by the
general assembly.

The BRECAN 25th anniversary coming later in the year is projected to be a grand
event. Committee members were charged to ensure they work hard and deliver the
best for BRECAN Lagos state chapter was unanimously voted as the host for the 2023 Annual

General Meeting.

Promise Ihezie
Amb. Tolu Taiwo
COO, Ibadan Centre
National President
Chairman Communique Committee
Chief Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu

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