Africans Rising group launches annual Activism awards

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity is launching
its annual awards initiative, the Africans Rising Activism Awards, on 8 November, 2021.

This year’s Africans Rising Activism Awards will recognize African activism through the presentation of three awards: Activist of the Year, Movement of the Year, and Artistic Activist of the Year.

Virtual nominations for the awards will be held from 8 – 18 Nov on the Africans Rising website, at

Started in 2019, the Africans Rising Activism Awards recognize, support and connect African
grassroots activists and movements in a global network of Africans engaging in non-violent actions to promote positive social change in their communities.

“The Activism Awards initiative gives more visibility to people who live and breathe for justice, peace and dignity for all African people.

It engages Africans in meaningful conversations. It is an opportunity to celebrate with each other.

Please nominate activists, artists and learn about those who are nominated, vote and give them support.

Testify for the great things you have seen them do. What matters is that we grow as a community. When we lift each other up we all rise”, says Coumba Toure, Africans Rising Movement Coordinator.

In 2020, the Africans Rising Activism Awards recognized both individual and collective activism, and now, in its third year, the Artistic Activist of the Year category has been introduced to provide a platform for showcasing the creative talents of African artists in East, West and Central Africa.

Both the Activist of the Year and Movement of the Year categories will accept nominations of African candidates from all regions of the African continent and the diaspora.

After the public nominations period, a panel of judges will select the final nominees for each category, and then a public round of virtual voting will be held from 26 Nov – 6 Dec on the Africans Rising website to determine the winners.

Previous winners include 2020 Activist of the Year Asha Jaffar Harun, a human rights activist and journalist in Kenya; 2020 Movement of the Year Tournons La Page, an international citizens’ movement that promotes democracy and human rights in Africa; and 2019 Activist of the Year Jean-Marie Kalonji, an activist from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Find out more about the Africans Rising Activism Awards and how
you can participate here:

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