Day13@BEMOREImo2021: Recapitulation/Examination

As the curtain is about to be dropped on the ongoing two weeks BEMORE Summer Bootcamp for Girls Naija in Owerri, the Imo State Capital, participating girls were today examined on the skills they’ve acquired.

To this end, they were subjected to both theoretical and practical examinations after a recap of the two weeks programme.

They wrote theory tests on ICT, solar energy, and were given an hour to draw the portrait of the First Lady of Ondo State and Founder of the initiative, Chief (Mrs) Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, under the supervision of BEMORE Matrons and other camp officers. Their scores and grades are to be announced tomorrow.

The recapitulation also included testing their knowledge in other life-changing skills acquired at the camp like, Gele tying, cake baking, and ended the day with rehearsal of valedictory songs.

The 2021 Imo edition is coming to an end tomorrow, August 28th.

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