Day11@BEMOREImo2021: Girls successfully built Solar Panel, as Founder expresses elation

The First Lady of Ondo State, Chief Betty Anyanwu- Akeredolu, was impressed with the progress made so far by the girls currently participating in the two weeks BEMORE Summer Bootcamp in Owerri, the Imo State Capital.

The Ada OWERE 1 and Founder of the initiative, visited the bootcamp centre at the IgoloAbiam place today, and the girls demonstrated their abilities in some skills they acquired at the camp ranging from breast cancer advocacy sensitisation to Taekwondo and choreography.

Earlier on, the BEMORE Girls, under the tutelage of ASHDAM SOLAR officer, Oreoluwa Adegbesan, successfully built a solar panel.

They were able to handle all the equipment needed in building the panel, which include connection of solar cells to tapping wire with the use of Soldering Iron.

Aside that, they were taught on how to use safety Goggles for protection against the smoke emitting from the Iron.

Today’s activities also featured continuation of ICT training. The girls were able to compute data using Microsoft Excel.

There was a great improvement on their Art and Design ability; through Mr Fortune Maduekwe’s guidance, some sketched the image of the founder of BEMORE Initiative.

Other activities of the 11th day included, continuation of Taekwando training, Make-up and tying of headgear.

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