More invaders of Ondo forest reserve sent back to their States

Officials of the Ondo state security Network Agency codenamed  “Amotekun” have returned another 137 illegal occupants of forest reserve in the state who are suspected to be security threat to the state.

This is coming 48 hours after 42 persons were returned to their states of origin.The  people were apprehended at Elegbeka forest along Ifon-Owo road on there arrival from unknown destination.

The  State Commander of Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, said  that the the illegal forest occupants would be escorted out of Ondo state to where they came from.

“We got an Intel that very many people bombarded (forests at) Elegbeka–Ifon area in the state.

“We moved in on questioning majority of them said they were from the northern part of the country and other said they are free Ogun state.

“We asked for thier mission they were not able to give us a clear cut of what they are here for. We brought some of them (to Akure) and there sponsors here to the headquarters (of Amotekun) for proper investigation.

“We profiled them and we found out that they were conniving with some persons in Ose to be given space for settlement in the government’s forest reserve which makes them illegal occupants of the forests.”

“We are sending them back to where they claimed they came from,” Adeleye said.

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