Join me to support the girl child project in Ondo, Mrs Akeredolu urges individuals

The Wife of Ondo State governor, Arabinrin Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu has implored individuals, both home and in the diaspora to join in making the girl-child project a reality, as she launched the #Ichoosetosupportthegirlchildproject.

The Ondo First Lady who initiated the BEMORE EMPOWERED initiative three years ago through which young girls between the ages of 8 and 12 are being trained on ICT, Solar energy, technology and other life-changing skills like bead making, tying of Gele and Makeup, Taekwondo, among others, yesterday reiterated her commitment to keep the flag flying in promoting the advancement of girl child.

She said: “I am Arabinrin Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu, the First Lady of Ondo State and the Founder of BEMORE EMPOWERED INITIATIVE. I stand before you to pronounce that I choose to support the girl-child support project.

“As you all know that I am at the forefront of promoting the advancement of the girl child which I have started some three to four years with the training of young girls between the ages of 9-23 in ICT, Solar technology, and other life-changing skills; I implore you all my friends, colleagues, acquaintances here in Nigeria and diaspora to make the girl child matter in the society. Join me to #choosetosupportthegirlchildproject”,.

It could be recalled that the Ondo First Lady founded the BEMORE project where over 1,000 girls have been trained at two weeks bootcamp on the aforementioned areas of life, and majority of the girls have been impacting their immediate society with what they acquired, while some have participated in international competitions on ICT, and renewable energy.

Some of the skills they acquired served as means of survival for most of them during the COVID-19 lockdown through which they supported their families with the little cash they generated.

She therefore called on Nigerians, to donate towards the 2021 BEMORE Summer bootcamp and sponsor girls to participate in the two weeks training coming up in August.

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