COVID-19: NGO donates preventive items to 50 public schools in Ifedore

It was an eventful day today, the 6th of June, 2020, as 48 public primary schools in Ifedore Local government, and two Public secondary schools in Ilara Mokin, benefitted from the kind gesture of a Non-governmental Organization, Olubola Adeleye Foundation who donated hand washing buckets as its contribution to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in Ondo state.

According to the founder, the importance of the hand washing buckets was mainly to ensure that, on resumption of school after the lockdown, students as well as teachers would need to still practice and maintain good hygiene by washing their hands regularly to ward off any germs of viruses their hands may have come into contact with.

All the 50 schools were ably represented by their HeadTeachers who collected the hand washing buckets on behalf of their respective schools.

Afterwards, all the Principals expressed their deep appreciation to the organizer of the event, and Founder of the Foundation, Mrs Olubola Adeleye, for her kind gesture.

The memorable event, which lasted for two hours, took place inside the Community Hall of the New King’s palace, in Ilara Mokin, Ondo State. To cap it all, social distancing was maintained throughout the event.

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One thought on “COVID-19: NGO donates preventive items to 50 public schools in Ifedore

  1. I really appreciate Mrs Olubola Adeleye for her relentless effort to curtail Covid 19 in Ifedore Schools. This is a very kind gesture that is Worthy of emulation. May God reward her NGO by making it progressive in Jesus name.
    We shall reciprocate her good deeds by making effective use of the handwashing buckets.


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