UNICEF determines to end violence against children

As the year 2018 Children’s Day was celebrated nationwide yesterday, the United Nations Children’s Fund, (UNICEF) has expressed its determination and commitment to mobilise political will and resources towards tackling all forms of violence against children in Nigeria.

The Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Nigeria, Isiye Ndombi said this in his message to celebrate the day and made available to The Hope through UNICEF’s Communication Officer in Lagos office, Mrs Blessing Ejiofor.

According to him, the theme for this years Children’s Day in Nigeria, ”Creating safe spaces for children: Our Collective Responsibility”, provides an excellent opportunity to speak up on behalf of all the vulnerable children in the country.

Ndombi who expressed optimism that violence against children can be prevented, said the change can only happen by tackling the issue from all angles and at all levels which is a responsibility of all.

The UNICEF Deputy Representative noted that to prevent violence against children some drastic measures must be put in place which include developing protective laws and policies, promoting services, targeting programmes at those who most need them, and raising awareness to promote social change.

He described violence against children as pervasive, adding that volations occur in the home, school, work place and online while the perpetrators often include the very people children are expected to trust.
“UNICEF remains firmly committed to end violence against children in Nigeria. We are determined to mobilize political will and resources to tackle all forms of violence against children wherever it happens.

“We are currently re-analyzing the 2014 Violence Against Children ,(VAC)’s findings to gain an even deeper understanding of the drivers of violence against children.

“We are also supporting our Government partners to launch our National Plan of Action to End VAC by 2030, alongside with a national Social Norms Change Strategy. We are also supporting the Government to track and monitor reported cases,” he noted.

He disclosed that Nigeria has demonstrated clear commitment to end violence against children being the first country in the West African sub-region and the ninth country in the world to conduct the Violence Against Children survey in 2014.

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