FOMWAN dissociates self from Ikare chapter’s support for Batuta

Press Release

Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN has condemned in its entirety, the statement published in the media by a group of women who claimed to be FOMWAN in Ikare.

The Ikare Muslim women who claimed to be FOMWAN as stated in the media, had been suspended over a year ago from FOMWAN activities and are not recognized by the state chapter of the organisation who has the authority to release a statement on behalf of the association.

FOMWAN, however, has dissociated itself from the acclaimed FOMWAN Ikare and the statement it made in the electronic media which stated that FOMWAN Ikare backs Batuta.

“We comderm such development, remain neutral in the religious politics going on in Ikare and plead with all parties involved to settle their differences and allow peace to reign in their community.

“We however warn Muslim women who hide under the name of our reputable organization as FOMWAN Ikare to interfere or issue any statement in respect of the subject matter or any other.

We call on all media organization and other reputable associations and organisation including government and individuals to discredit any statement or relate with the so-called FOMWAN Ikare because they have been suspended from all FOMWAN activities and are not expected to participate or use any of the association’s customized fabric following their suspension since last year.


Alhaja Medinat Omikunle, (Ondo state Amirah(President))
Alhaja Aminat Abibullahi Akinpelumi. (Member, Board of Advisers)
Alhaja Jimoh Idayat (Assistant zonal coordinator for South West 2 Nigeria)

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