BemoreOndo2022: Girls acquire knowledge in detergent,Adire/Kampala making

..engage in football match, as Founder leads Yoga exercise

Skills acquisition, which is the additional objective of the two weeks Bemore Summer bootcamp for girls, to promote their interest in entrepreneurship, takes preeminence in today’s activities.

Today, being Sunday, the girls had their personal devotion after observing early morning routine exercise to keep fit.

They, thereafter, proceeded to the classroom for theoretical training on how to make Adire/Kampala dress. The Adire instructor, Mrs. Mosun Odukale, later divided them into groups for the practical aspect.

Kampala making

Still on skill acquisition, girls were taught how to make detergents like Aizal, liquid soap and refreshner for home usage.

Earlier on, breast cancer advocate who is a graduate of the BeMore Empowered Foundation, Miss Funmi Akeremale taught the girls how to conduct Breast Self Examination (BSE) for early detection of breast cancer.

Breast Self Examination

The climax of today’s activities was the introduction of Yoga to the girls by the Founder of the initiative and First Lady of Ondo State, Chief Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu.

She explained to the girls the meaning of Yoga as an act and science of good and healthy living, with origin traced from India.

She said:” It’s basically techniques and practices that are spiritual and combine body, mind and soul with nature”.

According to her, Yoga was included in the bootcamp’s activities because of its benefits, saying: “as young girls growing up, we are here to kind of guide you in life. About
things that you will do to make you better and become responsible young women”.

She noted that Yoga has a lot of advantage, which include making its practitioners to feel relaxed, maintain healthy weight, saying that it is a subtle exercise that relieved pains and rejuvenated body.

Mrs Akeredolu added that Yoga had several techniques one can use if one wanted to achieve loss of weight or meditation, and to regain appetite.

She identified Peace and tranquility as parts of the ingredients of healthy living, which Yoga gives those who observe it. Saying “it’s something you can do in the comfort of your home”.

“Another advantage of Yoga is Flexibility; your body becomes flexible as time goes on”, she noted.

The Bemore Founder informed them on the need to be committed and consistent if they want to develop interest in Yoga.

The evening session also included brief football training for the girls to promote their interest in sporting activities.

Story Credit: Mary Agidi

Photo: Saidu Abdul Rahman & Gbenga Fasakin

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