A Pan-African Movement, Africans Rising, hosts convening on ‘Enhancing Solidarity towards Building the Africa We Want’

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity, a Pan-African Movement hosted one of the largest online All African Citizens Convening between 13th – 15th October, 2021.

According to a Press Release made available to JATS ONLINE NEWSPAPER, the gatherings
brought together activists, leaders, youth, movements and engaged citizens from across
Africa and the Diaspora, including Her Excellency Fatoumata C.M. Jallow-Tambajang, Kumi Naidoo, and Co-Chairs
Boniface Mwangi among others.

Over 1,000 participants registered for the convening, which was held under
the theme “Enhancing Solidarity towards Building the Africa We Want” and brings
together African citizens to discuss our common challenges and ways in which our collective
efforts can help the problems of our great continent. In all, 750 participated.

As an organization that promotes a
decentralized, citizen-owned future, this convening was aimed at ensuring that our members and their needs lead the Africans Rising movement.

“The leadership of the movement, in showing commitment to our founding charter, is bringing back the movement to our members through #AACC21 to discuss what we have been up to in building this Pan-African movement, learn from each other and build the future of the movement and the #AfricaWewant together,” says Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan, Africans Rising Movement Coordinator.

Since its inception in 2017, Africans Rising has and continues to engage in actions geared
towards advancing the liberation struggle of the People of Africa at the continental level and in
the Diaspora. From strategic convenings to solidarity missions, resource mapping and alliance building, our work is always guided by our mandate to fulfil the commitments contained in the Kilimanjaro Declaration.

As we continue to witness the shrinking of political and civic spaces, heightened levels of
corruption, inequalities, curtailment of the freedom of expression, association and assembly in many countries across the continent, this convening will provide a crucial platform for African citizens to collaborate in the effort to bring positive social change to African communities.

Built on the five pillars of Africans Rising, the convening was an opportunity to report back to members on the work of the movement and take on feedback for improvement in building the Pan African Movement of the people.

It was also to discuss solutions to challenges of civic and political spaces on the African continent, and amplify the roles of women and feminist leadership in grassroot activism.

Improve awareness and understanding of climate change amongst citizens, engage members on demanding good governance as we fight corruption and impunity, and equip members with relevant digital skills to support their activism.

There were powerful messages from the opening speakers key take-aways being
a) The need to enter the political fray and shape the continent
b) Defining our own agenda as Africans rather than waiting for the West to dictate to us.

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