Day4@BeMoreOndo2021: MarshMallowChallenge/ making of Reusable Sanitary Pads

The fourth day in the bootcamp started with the early morning fitness routine, led by Caroline Oderinde; while the Taekwondo instructor, Ada Anthony, continued with lessons for the girls in Korean martial art which is characterised by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. She also lectured them the history of the Korean Martial Art during the afternoon classroom session.

They progressed with the Microsoft Word training which they started on Day 3 by operating computer set to type their experiences in the camp.

The girls learned how to make eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene as an alternative to the expensive types which many vulnerable girls/women can’t afford. Access to reproductive health education and cost effective menstruation supplies such as reusable sanitary pads can be powerful tools in keeping young women in school.

It is estimated that one in 10 girls in African countries miss school monthly due to a lack of supplies and education related to menstruation.

They continued with the needlework to inscribe names on their BEMORE handbags.

The team of ASHDAM Solar Energy also committed the BEMORE girls to a team work through Marshmallow challenge, an activity aimed at testing the ability of the girls to work as team members.

The challenge entails using Spaghetti sticks, ropes and Sellotape to construct any standing structure of their choices.

The girls (in groups) named after the 17 SGDs (SDG1- SDG17), successfully built different structures as outlined in the Solar energy manual given to them by ASHDAM. The first three groups that were able to complete the process within the stipulated time were rewarded.

It was geared towards preparing them for building of Solar energy panel, coming up later in the week.

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