#OndoGuber: Allow credible poll, CAN charges contestants, electorate

As the gubernatorial election in Ondo state approaches, electorate have been urged to comport themselves in a peaceful manner to decide their choice by allowing a credible poll devoid of violence and vote selling.

The same appeal has gone to the contestants to warn their supporters against violence and any act capable of distrupting the process and truncate the relative peace being enjoyed in Ondo state.

These advices were given by the state Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Rev. Ayo-Oladapo in an interview about the forthcoming poll that is less than two weeks.

According to him, this is not the time for electorate to sell their votes but should see it as an opportunity to choose who they believe would secure their future in terms of governance for the next four years.

He said: “The money they will collect will not give them a brighter future for four years. It is expedient and required of each one of the electorate to look at the best candidate they can vote. They should comport themselves peacefully in such a way that the outcome of the election will be a thing of joy to all of us”.

The CAN boss therefore appealed to parents and guardians to caution their children and wards to eschew thuggery, hooliganism and any devilish act that can cause mayhem before, during and after the poll.

To the gladiators, Rev. Oladapo warned them to know that Ondo State is more than anyone of them, and should therefore allow the voters to decide without being intimidated.

“If they want to serve us, they should allow us to decide who we want out of the 17 of them, especially the three main gladiators. If it is service they want to render and the people say they don’t want their service today, they could be needed tomorrow”. He said.

Oladapo who enjoined the contestants to display the spirit of sportsmanship as witnessed in Edo poll, further advised them to tame their supporters not to cause chaos and voter apathy.

According to him, “if the situation is heightened, fear can be in the heart of the people and can lead to voter apathy. They should talk to their followership not to engage in anything that can make people to be terrified and not go out to vote”.

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