#COVID-19: Churches resume Sunday services in Ondo, observe appreciable level of compliance

As religious activities resumed in Ondo state following the directive of the governor, most of the churches in Akure the state capital opened for Sunday services today with a high level of compliance to the laid down precautionary measures to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some churches visited by JATS Online News during service hours were seen with buckets of water and sanitisers at the entrance with ushers ensuring that worshippers clean their hands before going into the auditorium.

Meanwhile, churches like The church of Latter Days, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries were seen closed. 

At Kingdom Benefits Ministry Oke-Ijebu, sanitizer and washing bucket were outside the church, and three in congregants in a row, all  wearing mask, while at C. A. C Oke Idande, also in Oke ijebu, church special task force were at the entrance to ensure strict compliance and the congregants were arranged in a single line like students on Assembly ground, backing one another.

However, some bigger churches tried to maintain physical distancing by organising a straight row where congregants back one another facing the pulpit, but still crowded as the space between rows was not that enough.

 At All Saints Anglican Church Ijomu, sanitizer and buckets of water were at the entrance, about two, three worshippers at a row, same thing at Saint David’s Cathedra, sanitizer at the entrance, all wear mask, they all maintained sitting distancing. 

First Baptist Church, Oba Adesida road, congregants scattered in the Gallery, all wearing face mask, also in   First ECWA Church Alagbaka, with buckets of water at the entrance.

At Christ Embassy Church, Oyemekun, it used to be six in a row, but was reduced to three worshippers, washing buckets and sanitiser at the entrance while a couple of them wear face mask. They were however decided into two sessions.

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