Religion not against herbs usage- Akure Tradomedical Doctor

Mr. Joshua Sunday Fadero, the Founder of Arogun Memorial Tradomedical Orthopedic Hospital, Akure, who deals with broken, dislocated legs and arms has said that the use of herbs for healing doesn’t affect one’s religion belief.

Fadero, who claimed to have inherited the profession from his father, affirmed that he is a reborn Christian, a member of a popular gospel church and never consulted Oracles nor have a shrine to support herbs for the healing of patients.

Speaking with JATS Online News in Akure, the Tradomedical Doctor claimed that his grand father was the owner of the name, AROGUN, noting that others who called themselves that name in Akure only leverage on its popularity to attract customers.

“I am a reborn Christian, using herbs doesn’t make you a herbalist or witchdoctor, using leaves and back of a tree doesn’t means you have a shrine, it doesn’t say you should abandon God.

“My father didn’t have a shrine till he died, he warned me that any time I abandon God and involved in an ungodly practice, I will be wretched.

“I was born into this profession. I inherited it from my father. The numbers of my age is the numbers of years that I have spent on this profesion, almost 70 years old. Those that are involved in road accidents or fall from trees and suffered broken legs or arms, or suffer spinal cord injury but not more than three months, at most, before coming to us, I use herbs to cure them with the help of God”.

The Tradomedical doctor who said they have a registered association in Nigeria, however, appealed to the government to recognise some of them who are genuinely doing the job.

He warned Okada riders to be patient while driving, noting that despite putting much efforts to the bone treatment, most of the affected parts don’t go back to normal. “We can’t compare artificial with natural. God’s work is incomparable, we only heal within the limit of our brain.

“There are months that I will attend to over 10 victims of broken bones, some less than 10 and they’re healed with the grace of God.

“This is not my only means of livelihood, because it’s not my prayers that people should be involved in accident”. He said.

Fadero, who affirmed that he has transferred the knowledge of the profession to his children despite that they are educated, however, lamented the rate at which younger generation of youths aren’t ready to learn skills but run after get-rich-quick means.

“Nowadays children are after money. They are not after work, or good name. 99% of those we employed did abnormal work, they will divert patients to a private location to get money into their pockets but after struggling to treat them without result, they will then bring the patient to me in a bad condition, that’s why I stopped employing apprentices, only my children”, he said.

Asked how he does identify which leaves to be used since he’s not using diabolical items, he noted that the same herbs that he learned from his father are what he still uses to treat people.

“I want to correct this, not all those that claim to be treating bones are AROGUN, they only leverage the name in order to get customers, the name is our family name, if they can be proud of their own name, they should be using it”. He concluded.

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