Recently there is this ongoing issue about either paying Tithe is Godly or not. I have been reading posts on this trending issue from social media and listening to friends and colleagues arguing about it.

My submission on this issue is that the way we Christians interpret Biblical injunctions is so much different and based on individual’s personal conviction.

I will not talk without Bible references concerning tithe. In the Old Testament and Numbers 18:21 precisely and in Deuteronomy 14:22 downward, these chapters explain tithe and how it should be used, they both mention “Levites ” which are our Pastors who are “genuinely” keeping watch of the fold prayerfully. In Genesis God commanded His people to pay tithe which according to the scriptures was to be divided into three and one-portion is for the “Levites” whose duty as commanded by God was to be in the temple throughout and attend to people of God, today our Levites are the Pastors, so far they don’t have any other source of livelihood, i.e.not earning salary by working with any company or government.

Jesus didn’t condemn tithe neither did He make it mandatory but He told the Pharisees not to prioritize it above all other good deeds by preaching only tithe and neglect other things that really count with God like killing, hatred, fornication, giving, love etc

In response to those who are of the opinion that tithe was commanded by God to pay only on farm produce, that it doesn’t involve cash in the case of salary, my question is that in the Old Testament, is there anything like technology? Do they use cars, aeroplane, phones, then? If no, why do you now conclude that in as much as there’s no where in the Bible that tithe was paid on salary (which was due to the fact the major profession then was farming) you shouldn’t pay tithe of your salary while you are using car to travel and not by foot or horse as in the Old Testament?

Deuteronomy 26 explains it all and to add Malachi 3, whoever is against tithe by claiming that it’s only a command in Old Testament and not in New Testament should just throw aside the whole Bible because Preachers in New Testament refers to Prophecy in Old Testament to buttress their point, Jesus Christ included.

From the aforementioned Bible chapters, (Numbers and Deuteronomy), it was stated how to spend the tenth percent of our income; Levites are one of the three categories of people to share tithe with and today Pastors are our Levites. Okay, let’s assume you don’t want to give your money to your Pastors who have been praying for you fervently (except you don’t see the effect of his prayers in your life, what of the remaining two categories of people that God commanded to share your tithe with? The Widows and the Fatherless. Have you being faithful by giving these people token out of your income? Think about this and judge yourself.

Unfortunately those clamoring for the cancellation of tithe doesn’t follow Jesus’s preaching on Giving , many so-called Christians lag behind in this aspect of giving while God himself commanded His children to give willingly in Deuteronomy, Jesus also preached about it in Matthew.

If you don’t want to share part of your tithe with your Pastors nor the widows and the fatherless, what of Giving ? Are you justified in this aspect? Do you give to the building of that auditorium where you worship? That musical instruments in your church do you contribute to the purchase?

Meditate on this and tell me if you are fighting rightly. I will be waiting for your response.

In conclusion, for those Part-time/full time Pastors earning from the government at the same time from the church, I still want justification for that.